Earn It

Custom Merit Gear was never about making and selling bags. CMG is about the grind and hardship to reach your goals.

“Nothing is obtained by doing nothing. To Earn it, is to work for it.”

Made by hand in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Due to the huge demand, we unfortunately have to introduce a waiting list. However, we stay open for new projects! Thank you for your understanding

 The 3 x 3 “Workshop”

As a student, living in a small 3x3 room in Amsterdam, you have to work with what you already have. With that idea, I transformed my bedroom into a workplace
A very small workstation for fitting and assembly.
However, we conduct all our Research and Development in an Industrial Workshop with a well-equipped range of machinery.


 Our products…

We believe that every adventure is unlike anything else. The exciting idea of making an unforgettable Journey can be made in split seconds, but preparing for it can take months or even years. While some people invest in a Custom Titanium Gravel bike, others finally take their old rusty pedal bike out of their shed to begin a new chapter in life. Custom Merit Gear wants to provide gear for the whole community; from ambitious Transcontinental racers to lovely retired couples who wants to show that they still have the perseverance and energy to inspire the world.

Custom Merit Gear strives to deliver good gear for good prices to give hesitating minds a little push towards initiating their first Bikepacking adventure.

 ...and partners!

Our vision is to stay independant and to be part of the big Bikepacking community. However, we are always looking for cool stories and fresh ideas.
We aim to do things different and our long term goal is to create new, innovative and unique products.
Please, let us know who you are and if you have ideas! For Business Inquiries, contact